Monday, April 21, 2008

azaleas and magnolias

my brother and i spent an entire day digging in the dirt! we replanted his entire front yard! it was the perfect day -- neighbors stopped by to say hello, we remembered funny stories from growing up (including the story about kendrick digging a "pool" in the backyard), and we walked to the local market for food and flowers! when we finished the house, we realized we had planted the same plants that we grew up with...azaleas and magnolias!


Hill Family said...

I love it!!!!! I am so glad you have a blog now and I can fill all my spare time (and yes, I do have some) with moments of YOU!!!!

Virginia said...

SCHWEEEEET my coz got a blog :) ... I actually planted some caladiums and thought of the story you told about that in one of your sermons ... *sigh* unfortunately I think the soil was no good for 'em - there's always next year. Anyway - your mom was telling me your latest news Saturday, congrats :)! - Kathleen

Hill Family said...

Latest news?!?!?! I am desparately waiting for the next blog. You know I check it everyday.