Monday, April 7, 2008

good friends

we had a busy weekend! to help us celebrate nathan's birthday, our friends Mark and Laura came down from DC -- the best part of being with friends is that you can truly be yourself -- over the course of three days, we laughed, we cried, we shared, and we just sat! no matter how long it has been, we just pick up right where we left off and right where we need to be...

on friday, we spent 8 hours at busch gardens! 8 hours of riding roller coasters with free falls and rides that when round and round and round, there was even a ride that left laura soaking wet! i think my favorite part was just laughing for no reason! the crazy part was that some of the rides actually connected me to memories of the Washington Parish Free Fair...growing up, we never missed that fair in Franklinton, Louisiana!

laura and i rode the busch gardens' version of the i was laughing while laura was screaming apologies for "squishing" me (in the middle of the ride!), my mind went right back to the memory of riding that very ride with my brother while our grandparents waved to us...only i never apologized to kendrick, we both just squished! (sorry kendrick)

on another ride, i was crying i was laughing so hard and apologizing for "squishing" laura on what i know as the "Himalaya"... i remembered riding that ride with my cousin mind went right back to being a 15-year-old in Franklinton, La. trying to look cool on a ride that went round and round and round forcing you to land on the person next to you! and forcing your eyes to water and face to make strange faces... the memories i had on the rides only lasted a moment, but the feeling of joy that came lasted much longer! it was just fun!

my recommendation -- ride more rides! laugh more and enjoy more! .....marion

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