Monday, April 21, 2008

crying in public

i went to a memorial service this past weekend. the situation was tragic...a teenage girl was murdered. the church was full and the majority of the congregation were high-school-age. i was struck at how many of these students could not stop crying -- some of the students admittedly didn't know the victim...but, their tears were just as real as the tears of the family.

this service allowed people to openly, publicly cry, no weep. there were no questions asked, just embraces shared and comforting words... my heart hurt as i began to think about whatever may be happening in the lives of all these students around me. it is hard being a many people were really crying over an abuse, a death, a shame, an embarrassment, even a secret in their own lives...why is it that funerals and memorial services are the only times we can openly cry with no judgement? ....marion

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